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Most recently, my Knocking on Heaven's Door is the winner in the category of science fiction in the 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards and in the category of fiction in the 2016 Arizona Authors Association Awards. A number of reviewers have been enthusiastic, including the website Geeks of Doom, which makes me smile. Not many people know me as a geek of doom! But I am happy to embrace the complexity of my personality.

I'm also so pleased that Diary of a Citizen Scientist: Chasing Tiger Beetles and Other New Ways of Engaging the World has been awarded the 2016 John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Nature Writing, as well as the 2014 WILLA Award for Creative Nonfiction from Women Writing the West.

My historical fantasy Teresa of the New World won the 2015 Arizona Authors Association Award for best Children's Literature and was a finalist for the New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for Children's Literature, the WILLA Award for Children's Literature, and the May Sarton Award for Children's Literature.

These are nice landmarks in a writer's life. I would be writing regardless--but, still, whew. It's good to have some encouragement.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A wonderful monsoon week. I think about my father, a test pilot who flew and crashed in the rocket plane X-2 in 1956, going three times the speed of sound, briefly the fastest man on earth. Mel Apt died when I was two years old and although I don’t know much about this man I do know that he loved clouds. On home movies taken over the Grand Canyon, he does not pause long over his wife and two daughters before he is panning that new 1950s movie camera across the clouds massing and billowing in the Arizona sky, clouds he knew well from many hours of flight in all kinds of airplanes, F100s and F105s and B-50s, clouds where he felt very much at home. A home in the clouds. That’s a kind of wonder. Despite everything—his death, his absence—that’s a gift. 

(Photo by Elroy Limmer)

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